Say Ur Story, Turn Ur Pain into Art

ZedTears was founded by Philip Abang in 2016. ZedTears is formed on the basis of generating awareness for non-visual ailments or diseases by attempting to visualize these ailments through the means of creating exploratory and impactful works of art, projects, interviews and storytelling and thus supporting sufferers of these non-visual conditions. These ailments will include Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Neuropathic Pain (Nerve sensations), Fibromyalgia, etc.

An attempt to visualize a non-visual condition may seem impossible, but the power of words combined with imagery goes a long way in painting a picture beyond our imagination. Words are powerful as they say, and a picture in itself speaks a thousand words.

According to the words of Andreas Gursky “Pictures are more intelligent than we are”.

Gursky also states that “There’s more going on in an image than we can ever grasps” 

Works or interviews featured on this platform helps spread awareness, engagement, and creates a much empathic environment or society as we are all affected one way or another by non-visual issues. What we reveal, we heal!

Say Ur Story, Turn Ur Pain into Art.