Say Ur Story, Turn Ur Pain into Art

ZedTears was founded by Philip Abang in 2016. ZedTears by Philip’s definition is simply a process of not succumbing to cracks and challenges that knocks us off balance, but instead, channeling our energy and emotion into creating something magical and beautiful.

In this process, Philip is choosing to explore areas of pain caused by nerve sensations, anxiety or depression in exploratory image making. He poses the question, “how do we visualize the crippling sensations of pain or the non-visual?”. Impossible it may seem, but according to the words of Andreas Gursky “Pictures are more intelligent than we are”. “There’s more going on in an image than we can ever grasps” Gursky states.

Rather than succumb to the crippling sensations of pain, how about fighting fire with fire by channeling positive energy from a negative situation in a process of revealing these abstract sensations in exploratory image forms.

Say Ur Story, and Turn Ur Pain into Art.