Idiopathy #1


Behind the smiles, beneath the beauty
Behind the elegance we portray, in lays a path
A path within which we try to conceal in spite of all the glitter.
We cry within in pain. A pain so strong we feel like we’re about to explode.
Psychological, physical, mental, emotional… one way or another
It is a sinking feeling…

We suffer these things yet we try to suppress it as a defense mechanism so as not to be labelled weak or mentally unstable. However, in such a  case, these internal issues escalates thus leading to other problems or complications. Some of the complications may result to a loss in earnings, poor performance or results which aren’t a true reflection of ones efforts. It could also cause problems such as heart diseases, neurological disorders, stress related illnesses, stroke etc.

Question is, how do we solve these issues?

Some problems are more complex than others.

“A problem is half solved when its dimensions are known and fully appreciated.” said Abang Philip.

Idiopathy is a disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause or origin is unknown.

What we reveal, we heal.